AFO Fire Ball Suppliers

AFO Fire Ball ABC Fire Extinguisher Fire Safety

  • Place the fire ball in which the flame occur easily, such as the upside of Electrical Circuit box,Gas can and range Super market, Hotel. Petrol Pumps. Chemical Warehouse, ManufacturingPlants, Vehicle etc
  • Fix Height: 30cm away from the possible fire source, the effective areais 3 Cubic meters.
  • Recommends quantity: To achieve the best protection, we kindlysuggest placing 2 balls in the same location. EndAFO
  • Fix the bracket on the wall and place the ball with the blueFIREarrow directed downward.
  • Once touching with the fire, the ball would explode andextinguish the fire effectively within 3 to 5 seconds.
  • New and advanced technology from German, harmless to thehumanity and the environment, safe explosive range. Stock avaialble in Bangalore
  • Brand : AFO

    Hsn Code : 8313

    Model No. : AISFB1500

    Weight : 1.3 Kg

    Contact Angle : 70 degree

    Opening Time : 3-5 Sec

    Self life : 5 years

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